Finishing aluminum profile with a drip away edge guaranteeing the precise shaping up of the base of the building with no risk of cracking and secure assembly of the thermo insulating slabs


- protects the lower horizontal edge of the thermo-insulating system from mechanical damage

gives a start to the regular positioning of the thermo-insulating slabs and levels them horizontally

- shapes up precisely the right angle at the base

- prevents the cracking at the base

- leads purposefully the rain water away from the system

- reduces the water load on the base and prevents its pollution

- resistant to the impact of the alkali in the cement solutions

- easy installation and safety during operation


Scope of use

Aluminum profile with water drip-away function used for the shaping up of the lower horizontal end of the thermo-insulation system at the base and for facades where the base cannot be insulated or where the insulation of this part is ofa thickness less than that of the facade.  

It protects the edge formed with the facade of the building from mechanical damage and shapes it up precisely. It purposefully leads away the water drops running down the facade not allowing them to pass from the vertical to the horizontal surface. 

An element of the integrated system for heat insulation TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and TERAPOR® ULTRA. Suitable for both newly built and in existing buildings – in the process of their sanitation and improvement of the heat insulation.   



Indicative consumption

1 m/m



Bundle 25 pcs                                                              

Thickness / length of the profile : 0.8 mm/ 2000 mm
Width of the profile:: 40 mm; 50 mm; 60 mm; 80 mm; 100 mm; 120 mm; 140 mm; 160 mm; 180 mm; 200 mm