Architectural elements and profiles from EPS

Decorative facade profiles and elements manufactured from EPS with high density and protective polymeric cement-based covering



The decorative facade profiles that MARISAN offers are manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS) with high density and are shielded by a surface layer of polymeric cement-based covering, which protects them against aging and gives them a natural look. Thanks to their elasticity they do not change their qualities in time. Mounting to all types of façade coverings is easy and problem free, no specific or labor intensive preparation of the base.

Because of its light weight no additional mechanic reinforcement s necessary. Mounting is executed only with the help of polymeric adhesive. The profiles may be cut out the necessary length and desired angle with an ordinary hand-cutting tool, without destroying the surface layer. The protective polymeric covering may be painted with regular facade paints in various color range, synchronizing with the primary color of the façade and the overall idea of the building.

Elements of the facade design TERMOFLEX®. Suitable for the construction of new or restoration of old buildings and facades. 



- easy and effective individual decoration of facades

- custom made

- manufactured from lightweight materials that do not load on the facade

- protected with long lasting covering, resistant to environmental influences

- many times shorter production and delivery period, compared to gypsum, stone and other types of profiles

- easy to mount, safe to work with