Architectural elements and profiles from PU

Интериорни профили и декорации, разработени по индивидуален проект на клиента, придаващи изискан и неповторим стил на всеки интериор.



The exterior profiles’ series of products that MARISAN offers includes a wide range of details and elements, capable of completely changing the look of your façade. The exterior profiles’ application allows you to add new strokes and enhance the design of each and every façade with your specific signature and individual style. No matter whether it is about the application of individual elements or a successful combination of profiles in order to achieve complicated forms and patterns, MARISAN’s range of products is a guaranteed way to design unique facades.

MARISAN’s exterior profiles are known for their minimalistic design and sense of luxury that they add to the look of each and every façade. Suitable for all types of buildings, no matter their style or architectural characteristics, the exterior profiles are a perfect fit for the unique characteristics of the exterior’s design. Thanks to the fact that each profile has the option to be produced in a bending version, designing oval walls, round columns or other similar elements becomes a quick, easy and comfortable task.

The profiles are made from Duropolymer® - a shock- and waterproof HDPS polymer with very high density, that can be easily recycled. All this makes the products extremely durable and resistant to significant pressure and heavy mechanical loads. Thanks to their characteristics, the profiles can be used not only as floor ledges, but as window and door frames too. The profiles montage is a quick and easy process. After they are installed, the profiles can be painted with oil and with water-soluble paints. Their cleaning requires only a wet towel.