BETONCONTACT contact primer for concrete surfaces

Short description: contact and bonding primer for adhesion improvement to smooth, dense, polished and non-absorbent concrete surfaces


- very high adhesion to base

- forms very sticky contact surface with excellent adhesion

- without solvents, odor and emissions






For priming on:

- smooth coffered and polished concrete

- dense and vibrating concrete

- non-absorbent concrete surfaces


For application when:

- laying mortars and plasters on gypsum base

- laying on floor screeds

- plastering of ready-made concrete elements

- applying ceramic linings on smooth concrete

- indoors and outdoors use

BETONCONTACT is a special primer, which forms a contact surface with secure and uniform distribution of adhesion to all flat, dense, polished and non-absorbent concrete surfaces.

It is particularly recommended when applying gypsum-based mortars, plasters and screeds on smoothly encased concrete surfaces with limited water absorbance, walls and ceilings from ready-to-use concrete elements. The special composition of the primer ensures optimal bonding of the mortar or plaster to the base.

For indoor and outdoor use. It is almost odorless, which makes it very suitable for work in inhabitable premises and food storages. The primer has a pink control color.



In accordance with EN 13300


Indicative consumption

70-230 ml/m2 - depending on the base



polyethylene bottle 1 l

polyethylene tube  5 l