Before the application of bitumen based hydro insulation systems, it is recommendable to use  priming products from the same origin. 


Priming the base before application of the hydro insulation coverings is a must in order to provide good adhesion. This is a crucial point when working on smooth, old, porous or dust-making surfaces. It is recommendable to use priming products from the same origin before the application of bitumen based hydro insulation systems. They can be based either on organic solvents (including application over metal substrates) or on water-based solvents.

The bitumen pastes are designed for a finishing layer of covering. Recently, they are used much more often because of the easy application and their option to be used when repairing torn bitumen hydro insulations. Moreover, they entirely cover even the smallest unevenness on the base as they eliminate the possibility of formation of air bubbles below the hydro insulation layers which precondition the condensation of moisture. 



    Weather resistant modified bitumen paste for lasting sealing of openings and fixing of leaks when renovating and repairing bitumen and tin roofs.


  • HYDROZOL® WBC-OR, organic based bitumen waterproofing

    Bitumen coating for cold-applied seamless hydro insulation of structural elements of buildings from subterranean waters and moisture, suitable for regeneration and protection of old bituminous membranes.


    For extremely strong connection between the surface and the applied bituminous hydro insulation, penetrating deeply in the microcracks of porous surfaces – sealing and strengthening them