Bitumen waterproofing membranes with slate

As a single-layer hydro insulation or as a finishing layer in a multi-layer hydro insulations. They are covered by colorful mineral slate on the upper side and polyethylene foil on the lower side. 


Rolls made up on the basis of cellulose sheet impregnated with bitumen and finishing layer of finely crushed stones have been invented in USA in 1893. 120 years later, these types of materials turned into the most widely used materials for a wide scope of use.

Flat roofs are exhibited on a multiple temperature and mechanical loadings which make the roofs require high standards. These requirements are being fulfilled by the bitumen membranes which have extremely stable basis and which are made up by modified bitumen materials. By the means of the additive of artificial polymers such as SBS and APP to the bitumen, the bitumen membranes can reach a very high range of flexibility.

The mineral slate preserves the bitumen layer from the UV rays and makes the hydro insulation long lasting, it gives the membrane color and complete looks. The slate is preliminary coloured in high temperatures using different types of pigments that make the colours long lasting and durable. 

The hydro insulation membranes with mineral slate which MARISAN provides have high resistance to aging, very wide range of flexibility (up to190°C)  and they stay elastic even at low temperatures. This makes them extremely suitable for a finishing layer of waterproofed roofs. They are designed either for a single-layer hydro insulation or for a finishing layer of multi-layered hydro insulations.

  • Reinforced with fiberglass fabric

    The fiberglass fabric reinforcement not only stabilizes the shape and dimensions of the membrane but also increases its strength, resistance to tearing and puncture.

  • Reinforced with polyester

    Reinforcement with polyester leads to increased strength and expansibility of bitumen hydro insulation. It increases resistance to tear and puncture.

  • Reinforced with fiberglass veil

    Fiberglass veil reinforcement provides shape and dimensional stability of the membrane and have an impact on membrane`s performance during fire.