CIMENTOL® floor screed

Cement-based floor screed with universal application for manual laying of thicknesses from 10 to 80 mm.


- high load bearing

- crack resistant

- with minimal compressibility

- hydro and frost resistant






Scope of use

For application on:

- ceramic, gypsum and cement floors

- wooden and magnesite floors

- thermal insulation boards and separating foils


Use for:

- applying leveling, floating or bonding screed

- working on floors with integrated heating

- under waterproofing coatings

- in the interior and exterior

CIMENTOL® is a high-quality universal cement based floor screed for manual application of thickness from 10 mm to 80 mm. The solution is intended to be applied as a levelling, floating or bonding screed and is extremely suitable for use under waterproofing coatings on any base in humid and wet rooms, on balconies, terraces, roofs, etc., allowing setting of the needed inclination for their drainage.

It is intended for laying of screed under finishing flooring such as carpets, PVC, cork, ceramic or stone coatings, parquet and others. In case of light and incidental mechanical loads and a layer thickness of over 30 mm, the surface can be used directly without finishing coating (cellars, basements, storage rooms, etc.).

CIMENTOL® is frost-resistant and features reduced compressibility. It can be used as a universal solution for repairs of mineral floors of any kind. It is suitable for use as a material for laying concrete paving, floor slabs, etc. For indoor and outdoor use.




CT-C16-F4-B2-A15 according to BDS EN 13813

Reaction to fire А1 according to BDS EN13501


Indicative consumption

about 10-15 kg/m² for ever 1 cm layer thickness

depending on the base and the thickness of the screed, the indicative consumption may vary



25 kg paper bags