Colour chart from ENERGY IN COLORS can be directly integrated and used by most of the current software programs  


Colour charts from ENERGY IN COLORS can be directly integrated and used by most of the current software programs. In this way, while working, you have a quick access to a full and precisely defined spectrum of the colours which are part of the system.

The colour libraries (commonly referred to as colour palettes) are shown here in formats which are suitable for use by different programs.

Please choose the preferred program or the standard format:  

  Adobe Illustrator (ai-File)                               PDF File  
  Adobe Illustrator (ase-File)   Excel и CSV File
  Adobe InDesign                         (ase-File)   BMP File  
  Adobe Photoshop                       (aco-File)    JPG File  
  Autodesk AutoCAD                   (acb-File)      
  Autodesk 3ds Max                      (ccb-File)      
  CorelDRAW                                 (xml-File)      
  Graphisoft ArchiCAD                (aat-File)      
  SolidWorks                                  (sldclr-File)            
  Pro100                                         (bmp-File)      
  SketchUp                                   (skm-File)      


Help for installation?

In order to facilitate the installation of the colour libraries in your software, you will find a short manual once you have chosen your program from the menu. 


Your program is not on the list?

In addition, the colour libraries from ENERGY IN COLORS are available as Excel-, CSV-, BMP- and JPG files. In this way, you can work with colour libraries using programs which are not on the list. Firstly, get familiar with the Import options of your software!



The colour libraries form ENERGY IN COLORS are available not only in a digital form but in a practically convenient colour charts.

Visualization of the colours on a screen

Please mind the fact that there are technically-based differences between the visualization of the clours on  screens and printings of the colours when compared to the original sample of the colour charts. RGB and CMYK values cannot guarantee the literal presentation of the colours. However, when using well calibrated devices, the presentation of the colours is very close to the true results.  Owing to this fact, the orders of colored products should be made after choosing from the original true colour chart. 


  • Colour models

    The choice of colour models is one of the basic themes in the area of design and printing and it has high significance.