Lightweight decorative profiles with high durability and easy fixation that successfully imitate a wooden beam. Suitable for ceilings, walls and facade profiles installation.


Scope of use

With the help of the decorative wooden beams you can easily recreate each country or ethic style, as you can transfer the interior and the atmosphere of the rustic cottage in every city place - apartment, restaurant or hotel. They will bring comfort and coziness on your home.

The lightweight yet rigid material from which they are made has excellent decorative and custom properties, high levels of security and resilience. Attention is paid not only to the material but also to the colour range in order to make it stable and accurate, matching the natural wood.




50х100mm 100х100mm 120х120mm
50х120mm 100х120mm 120х200mm
50х200mm     100х200mm     200х240mm

Length: 1000, 2500, 3000, 3500mm











Decorative wooden cantilever