Development of the company

Nowadays, there is hardly a construction specialist who would deny the advantages for the construction brought by contemporary materials and professionally developed system solutions. Hardly anyone would deny that the way in which construction industry have been developed over the years was correct and also beneficial for all of us - investors, developers and end users.

We, MARISAN, are proud of having been part of this path and part of it in Bulgaria is built by us. Following our moto and ideal, hearing the pulse of the market and analyzing the needs of its participants MARISAN has developed and introduced to the Bulgarian market:

- First masonry mixture for laying lightweight blocks produced in Bulgaria.
- First cement mortar produced in Bulgaria.
- First adhesive-mortar mixture for thermal insulation systems produced in Bulgaria.
- First termal insulation system produced in Bulgaria, termal insulation system by Marisan remain the only one in Bulgaria produced „under one roof“.


System solutions

The first product of the company is part of series adhersives for ceramic surfaces TERAFLEX®. This is a product, which in time succeeded to inflict the market as a synonym of excellent and uncompromising quality and has become a permanent assistant to every craftsman and construction worker. Indeed, the high quality of the products from TERAFLEX® series creates the so necessary trust in the company and aids to a great extend expansion of the product range that followed. Gradually, on the market appear other product series covering the specific needs of all finishing construction work: different sort of adhesives, mortars, hydro insulations, and screeds.

An important stage of the MARISAN growth is the decision towards offering not only product solutions, but also system solutions – a collection of optimally corresponding and complementing each other products, which would provide the consumer maximal security and convenience. But in order for these particular decisions to be up to date and to meet the current reality and needs, it is necessary that a number of new technologies be implemented in the company.


Investments in technology

In 2004 a resolution is being made for the construction of a second plant – for the production of thermal insulating materials from EPS. The Austrian company HIRSCH MASHINENBAU was chosen for a partner and equipment supplier. This manufacturer is a leader in the field and has built the biggest and the most modern factories for EPS processing worldwide.

In the beginning of 2006 the plant was opened and started operation. The machines and equipment that have been installed are from last generation and combine the most recent innovations in the field – so that even now it is the most modern and automated plant for production of thermal insulating materials from EPS in Bulgaria.

That decision allows the company to be the first to offer on the market complete system decisions in the sphere of thermal insulation. The rationality of this decision was confirmed in 2008 when the thermal insulation systems TERMOFLEX® were given a gold medal for quality at the 64th International Technical Fair in Plovdiv and continue to be the only thermal insulation systems with such an award in Bulgaria.

Soon after the opening of the new plant, MARISAN began full modernization of its first plant for production of dry construction mixtures. The winning strategy was continued here as well – the company chose as partners world leaders in equipment and machinery production of that kind – KAWASAKI ROBOTICS, MAILLIS GROUP and DANTHERM GROUP. The modernization includes robotization and automation of almost all production operations, which guarantees continuous and constant quality of all products.

Following this trend, in 2011 the third plant of the company went into operation. A filly automated line for production of paste-like plasters and paints started functioning. The execution of the project was assigned after an official contest, in which leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment of paste-like plasters and paints were invited to participate. The Polish company PROFARB won the contest. The fulfillment of this project introduced a unique fully automated production line in Bulgaria, in which all processes are performed almost without human intervention. Its capacity is expected to expand in two stages – the first one allowing manufacturing of 3200 tons of production, and the second one – up to 6400 tons a year.

In 2014, investments continue in two main directions – production line for water-based dispersion adhesives based on polyvinyl acetate (PVA), and equipment for the production of decorative architectural elements, profiles and coverings for them.

After the completion of this project and the plant starts operating, recognizing the fact that the good quality of every system is directly dependent on the compatibility of its components, we might proudly state that we are the only company in Bulgaria that can offer complete system thermal insulating and façade solutions, manufactured “under one roof”, which in that matter guarantees our clients and partners excellent and uncompromising quality.


Laboratory, that is essentual

Guided by the strive to offer its clients new high–tech products and systems, to guarantee better quality control of the whole production range, realizing the responsibility it bears not only till the moment of purchase, but afterwards as well, MARISAN logically reaches the next important stage in its growth – building its own test laboratory.

It was built with the most modern laboratory equipment, which meets all international standards and allows for all sorts of dry construction mixtures, mortars, paint and hydro and thermal insulating systems to be deliberately analyzed in different weather conditions and to be put to various loads. The highly qualified researchers who work in the laboratory in close cooperation with laboratories of BASF, WACKER and DOW CHEMICAL give confidence to the company not only to increase the effectiveness of its current products and decisions, but also to develop new ones – getting ahead of the market expectations.

An important moment of the laboratory works is the helpit provides to our partners, analyzing different situations, conditions and materials at the construction sites and the recommendations for the use of appropriate products and/or ways of operation in the existing situation at the exact construction site.