Ready to use preliminarily shaped reinforcement angle for certain and precise forming of internal angles and diagonal reinforcement around windows, doors, lintels, etc.


- for diagonal reinforcement of angular openings in the wall: angles of windows, doors, lintels and so on

- it undertakes optimally the power strains arisen in these spheres

- it prevents cracking of the heat insulation system

- it guarantees professional execution of the reinforcement of the thermal isolation system

- resistant to the impact of the alkali in the cement solutions

- it does not allow for displacements and slippages                                 

- quick and easy mounting in the corners of the openings

Scope of use

Preliminarily shaped and punched of alkali resistant fiberglass mesh, ready to use angle for reinforcement around angles of windows, doors and lintels. Absorbs the tension and prevents the cracking of the system and the openings in it. Simultaneously with the diagonal reinforcement, the secure and precise formation of the internal angles will be performed, protecting them from mechanical damages. Recommended for crack repairs in these areas.

It was worked out of fiberglass mesh, treated with alkali resistant and preventing slippage impregnator and guarantees the easy and secure puttying in the reinforcement layer of the thermal isolation system.

An element of the integrated system for heat insulation TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and TERAPOR® ULTRA. Suitable for both newly built and in existing buildings – in the process of their sanitation and improvement of the heat insulation.   


Indicative consumption

1 number / angle



Reinforcement angle 350x300x200 mm

Box 25 nos.