Exterior solutions

The solutions for the color design of the exterior impart to the unicolor walls and surfaces individuality and character, they emphasize and accentuate the architecture of the building.

The solutions by MARISAN for color formation of exteriors impart to the unicolor walls and surfaces individuality and character. At that the composition of the correct – optimized one with regard to the other colors, color nuances, paints and plasters, plays a decisive role. They provide for nearly unlimited number of possibilities for architectural expression.

The color formation of buildings acquires greater and greater significance. The trend is displaced from the unicolor white coated façades into the direction of colorfully formed areas. Buildings with tedious effect in the past, acquire in this manner recognizable and unique character, vitality and individuality.


  • Facade paints

    Ready for application colored decorative and protective paints with high resistance to weathering, UV rays, temperature changes, industrial gases and others.

  • Primers before exterior painting

    Preliminary colored in the nuance of the laid paint, providing a color base which prevents the development of color differences on the painted surface.