Facade plasters

A wide range of facade coatings offer vast opportunities for individual style facades and walls in color and structure.


Range of plaster in the TERMOFLEX® facade systems offer many opportunities for individual style facades and walls by color and structure. By varying particle size and deposition techniques, finishing plasters may cause different moods and influence. Larger granules form rustic plaster structure, but the finer possess discreet and timeless charm. The variety of structures and colors ensures almost unlimited freedom in facade and interior walls design.


  • Paste-like plaster

    Ready to use colored paste-like plaster for thin film protective and decorative coatings with dragged or scratched surface.

  • Mineral (noble) plasters

    Noble plasters made ​​from natural minerals and does not pollute the environment. They are non-flammable, diffusion open (high vapor permeable) and highly resistant to weathering.