Alkali proof fibreglass mesh profile for quick and precise reinforcement of preliminarily  formed rusticated grooves on a building facade during the process of its thermal insulation.


- reinforces and protects from damaging the edges and the friezes of the rusticated grooves in the thermo-insulating system

- it prevents the crack formation 

- the profile is easily and precisely assembled in the groove cut in the thermo-insulating system

- it shapes precisely the angles and the edges of the rusticated facade

- resistant to the impact of the alkali in the cement solutions

- doesn`t contain plasticisers 




Scope of use 

Alkali resistant trapezium-shaped profile with mesh for quick and precise reinforcement of preliminarily shaped rusticated grooves in the facade of the building in the process of its thermo-insulation.





Indicative consumption




Profile length: 2000 mm

Bundle: 10 pcs