Strongly elastic seamless hydro-insulating membrane with zero water absorption – innovative solution for the waterproofing protection with almost all applications


The HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION² is a system on the base of cement, which offers innovative and appropriate solution of the waterproofing protection at almost all applications – from the protection of the underground structures and areas, through the wet premises and the interior finishing works, to the waterproofing of pools and water tanks and other specialized facilities under great water loads. It forms an elastic seamless waterproofing membrane with zero water absorption which keeps the moisture away from the structure and provides a strong and secure base in the preparation of surfaces for the laying of tiling in wet premises, water facilities, SPA centers, etc.

The system was specially developed to withstand the unfavourable atmospheric conditions and temperature variations, guaranteeing the maximal protection of all construction elements and structures, exposed to climatic impact – on balconies, terraces, roofs, etc. It provides a possibility for their adjustment to the deformations resulting from such impact while preserving the efficiency of the waterproofing and ensuring a long service life and water resistance.

HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION² is of an exceptionally high elasticity with zero water absorption, providing permanent and secure protection from moisture for connection, expansion, angular and other joints with middle or high motion amplitude as well as between separate construction elements. The extreme strength of adhesion of the hydro-insulating layer to a multitude of construction bases, including wood, metal, technical stone, ceramics, acrylic finishes, etc., determines its resistance to both positive and negative water pressure.

After drying and curing the system conforms completely to the hygienic requirements, it provides an anti-bacterial effect and a possible contact with drinking water, which was verified by the needed tests and the relevant Health Certificate was issued.


Areas of application

HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION² is recommended as waterproofing under inside and outside floor pavements of bathrooms, shower cabins, terraces, swimming pools, fountains and other surfaces permanently exposed to the impact of moisture. It provides a secure protective layer against moisture in retaining walls, foundations and underground parts of buildings and other construction elements, plasters, joints, etc. It is the ideal solution of the waterproofing of both external and internal side of water reservoirs in every day life, in agriculture and industry.  



 - it protects the construction elements from destruction caused by moisture penetration

 - it provides considerable savings from the costs of expensive repairs

 - it guarantees a long service life of the constructions and the tiling

 - it provides a good micro-climate with normal temperature and humidity in the premises

 - it provides the comfort from living in a healthy environment



(elastic 2-component waterproofing slurry which forms seamless hydro-insulation membrane with zero water absorption)

(for elastic waterproof bridging of expansion, edge and other active joints)

(for permanent elastic and water – tight connection of hydro insulation systems with floor drains, water exhausting openings and drains in wet and moist premises)

(alkali proof fibre glass mesh for producing an armed mortar coat in an thermal insulation system and retrofitting of cracks on facade surfaces)