For permanent elastic and water – tight connection of hydro insulation systems with floor drains, water exhausting openings and drains in wet and moist premises.


- permanently resistant and water impermeable material

- armored with glass-textile net

- resistant to alkaline influences of cement solutions

- does not allow shifting and sliding

- does not age





Scope of use

Alkaline resistant hydro insulation sealing collar, designed for embedding with a hydro insulation layer under ceramic coverings in permanently wet premises (bathrooms, toilets, SPA premises, swimming pools, locker rooms etc.). The cuff is water impermeable, resistant to tear and aging.

It created watertight, permanently elastic joint of the hydro insulation system with siphons passing though, drainage holes and canals. It is manufactured from thermoplastic elastomeric material, within which is embedded armoring glass-textile net. This combination of materials guarantees excellent bond along the whole surface of the cuff with the hydro insulation layer under the ceramic covering.

It is an element of the hydro insulation system HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION. It is suitable for both newly erected buildings and for already existing buildings – in the process of ceramic lining and covering application.




42,5 х 42,5 сm



25 pcs.