HYDROZOL® BK (SV-BO) - BITUMEN SHINGLES, beaver tail, fiberglass reinforcement

Bitumen shingles from APP modified bitumen reinforced with fiberglass, resistant to extreme weather conditions, used for long-lasting protection of water leakage in roofs with slope between 12° and 90°


- effective finishing layer of hydro insulation;

- APP modification of the bitumen;

- suitable for domed roofs and complicated constructions with slope between 12° and 90°;

- resistant to deformations, tear, puncture and other mechanical loadings;

- high resistance to wind and extreme weather conditions;

- excellent elasticity and resistance in both low and high temperatures;

- excellent resistance to UV rays and aging;

- reduces the conditions for formation of condensation;




Scope of use

HYDROZOL® BK (SV-BO) are bitumen shingles made from fiberglass both sides impregnated with APP modified bitumen. The product is meant for long-lasting and secure protection from water leakage of different types of roofs and roofing constructions.

The fiberglass reinforcement provides the shingles with extra tensile strength, dimensional stability, tear and puncture resistance. The reinforcement keeps them from deformations as well. The colored mineral slate on the upper side of the shingles protects the bituminous layer from the UV rays and from mechanical loads, making it permanent and high resistance to low and high temperatures of the applied product. It gives the surface colorful and completed look. The shingles are available in green or red colour.

HYDROZOL® BK (SV-BO) are perfect for lightweight roofing constructions. They are suitable for renovation of roofs as well: they can be applied directly on old bitumen shingles without the necessity of additional costs for the removal of the old covering. The technology of application of the shingles guarantees extremely reliable water impermanent connection between the elements. In addition, it allows the realization of different ideas for application of coverings on domed roofs and complicated roofing constructions with slope between 12° and 90°.

The shingles are very light so they do not put additional loading to the roofing construction. The product is resistant to wind and it keeps its flexibility in both low and high temperatures without breaking. The shingles are easy for work since they are being applied fast without any problems. The shape of beavertail of the shingles facilitates the application in two layers. The product can be used for economic way of hydro insulation of partial walls.

HYRDOZOL® BK (SV-BO) are neutral in terms of thermal conductivity and thermal insulation of the buildings since they neither heat up additionally nor cool down fast. It this way the product limits the adverse effect of the outer temperature of the under-roofing area. Thus the conditions for formation of condensation are reduced.

If used properly, the product has minimum 10 years of service life.



Complies with the requirements of European and Bulgarian standards and measures up to:

European Standard
EN 544


Indicative consumption

6,5 sheets per 1 m² surface



Sheets 1,0x0,33 m (25 in a box)


Colours of the slate

green (SV-BO-Z); red (SV-BO-C)