Hydro insulation tape for elastic and watertight sealing of the connections between various building structures, seams, junction, joints, splits etc.



- 100% water tightness

- excellent adhesion to absorbing and non-absorbing materials

- high level of elasticity and flexibility

- punch, tear and aging resistance

Product description

For application on:

- connections, seams and joints between various materials and elements

- joints with details with complex shape

- corner and hard to reach joints

- other active joints and locations with cracks 


For application when:

- hydro insulation of laundry rooms

- hydro insulation of terraces, balconies, flat roofs

- hydro insulation under plaster and ceramic lining

HYDROZOL® BUTYL TAPE is highly elastic self-adhesive sealing tape on butyl base, reinforced by alkaline resistant non-woven polypropylene. It is used for sealing and watertight sealing of joints between various buildings structures and elements: ‘floor-wall’ in case of hydro insulation of laundry rooms; ‘window frame-ledge’ during the installation of windows and doors; ‘metal structure-wall’ and between façade panels during the installation of curtain walls, thresholds, eaves etc.

The usage of the tape is recommended during hydro insulation of cracks, joints, corners and details with complex shape under ceramic lining, in wet rooms, roofs, terraces, balconies etc., places with moderate water loads, located outdoors and indoors. Seals the seams and joints of lining made of various materials (bitumen membranes, metal, ceramics, cement surfaces). The tape is applied easily and quickly and it has excellent adhesive properties to wide range of absorbing (concrete, plasters and putties, cellular concrete, fibro-cement etc.) and non-absorbing (metals, plastics, bitumen, ceramics, glass, PVC etc.) materials. The tape is flawlessly covered by spreaded hydro insulations and tiles adhesives. The tape provides immediate water tightness after its application. It is punch, tear and aging resistant. It preserves its elasticity at temperatures between -5°C to +60°C.It is a component of the hydro insulation elastic system HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION².



European standard БДС EN ISO 527-3


Indicative consumption:

for a joint with length of 1 m / 1.0 m



         Qty./Unit     pallet
roll           25 m        100 pcs. (2500 m)