HYDROZOL® FLEX GUM 1-K liquid waterproofing membrane

Quick-drying dispersion-based elastic membrane for waterproofing under ceramic tiles and natural stones in bathrooms, kitchens and other indoor areas.



- impervious to water

- high elasticity

- excellent adhesion to ceramic glues

- dries quickly

Product Description

Apply on:

- cement and lime-mortar substrates, plasterboard, fibreboard

- calcium-sulphate and magnesite floor screeds

- old surface coverings of ceramic tiles, natural stones, wood, metal, etc.


Apply when:

- waterproofing bathroom and shower cubicle walls and floors

- waterproofing kitchen walls, floors and worktops

- waterproofing surfaces under ceramic and mosaic floor tiling

- waterproofing surfaces under natural and artificial stone cladding

HYDROZOL® FLEX GUM 1-K is a ready-to-use highly elastic single-component synthetic-resin-based waterproofing paste. Prevents water from penetrating under ceramic wall and floor tiling in bathrooms, shower cubicles, kitchens, laundry, utility and other indoor areas that are not continuously exposed to water and where moisture does not affect the reverse side.

The product’s viscosity changes over time, so once applied, the liquid waterproofing paste quickly thickens to an elastic, highly watertight and extremely strong membrane. This property allows it to be easily applied to surfaces of any shape and geometry – horizontal, vertical or sloping surfaces. The product’s high elasticity makes it possible to fill and isolate cracks in the substrate of up to 1 mm, thereby allowing it to easily absorb the substrate’s normal contractions and expansions resulting from vibrations and temperature variations.

HYDROZOL® FLEX GUM 1-K can be applied easily with a trowel, brush or roller. Once dry, surfaces treated with the product are not sticky and are highly adhesive to cement-based (Class C2TE and C2S1) or dispersion-based (Class D2TE) glues and solutions used in ceramic tiling and natural or artificial stone cladding or flooring. When dry, the coat is resistant to water, bases (pH> 12), chlorine water and other common household cleaners.

Component of the HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION² elastic waterproofing system.



  volume pallet
plastic bucket 20 kg 24 pc. (480 kg)
plastic bucket 10 kg 33 pc. (330 kg)
plastic bucket 4 kg 100 pc. (400 kg)