HYDROZOL® FLEX PRO 2-K elastic hydro insulation slurry

Two-component cement-based solution forming strong, unbroken and highly elastic protective membrane to prevent water penetration, atmospheric and other aggressive emissions into building elements and concrete structures.


- zero water absorption
- resistant to high water pressure (positive and negative)
- extreme elasticity and bond strength
- overcomes cracks up to 3 mm
- resistance to frost, UV rays and aging





Scope of use

For application on:

- concrete, cement, ceramic, acrylic surfaces

- technical stone, gypsum board, metal, glass

- wood, ОSB boards, plywood, etc.


For application when:

- waterproofing of cracked, deformable and critical substrates

- waterproofing of underground water surfaces

- waterproofing of places subjected to high temperature amplitudes

- protection of concrete surfaces from aggressive external influences

HYDROZOL® FLEX PRO 2-K is a highly elastic two-component cement-based waterproof coating for durable waterproofing and protection of the highest class of building structures and elements that are subjected to constant moisture or running water impact. After drying, it forms continuous water repellent membrane with zero water absorption and high resistance to freezing, UV radiation and aging. Extremely resistant to high water pressure on the negative side.

Recommended for protection of concrete structures from carbon dioxide penetration in concrete pillars and beams, road and railway viaducts, etc. Prevents penetration of aggressive atmospheric influences and water into reinforced concrete structures with insufficient roofing and in cracked concrete or screed surfaces. It can be used to protect concrete surfaces coming into contact with sea water and anti-freeze salts (as sodium and calcium chlorides and sulphates).

It guarantees 100 % safe protection against moisture and atmospheric influences in bathrooms, spa centres, swimming pools (up to 50 m), fountains, terraces, balconies, roofs, concrete water tanks, underground structures, canals, septic tanks and many others. It is recommended for waterproofing applied under ceramic coatings and cladding of any kind.

HYDROZOL® FLEX PRO 2-K features extremely high elasticity and allows base filling and cracks elimination up to 3 mm. Because of its extreme adhesion strength to many construction substrates it is applicable on concrete, ceramic, metal, wood, acrylic surfaces, technical stone, gypsum board, OSB boards, technical plywood and many others. It can be applied indoors and outdoors on deformable and critical substrates.

Component of the flexible waterproofing system HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION2.



Indicative consumption

 layer thickness in mm indicative norm
1 layer - 3 mm thickness
(in the presence of moisture)
2.8 kg/m2
2 layers - total thickness of 5 mm
(in case of running water without pressure)
5.6 kg/m2
3 layers - total thickness of 8 mm
(at hydrostatic pressure)
8.4 kg/m2



       volume      pallet

paper bags

plastic bucket

25 kg

7.5 kg

       40 pc. (1000 kg)

       52 pc. (390 kg)

plastic bucket

paper bags

10 kg

3.0 kg

       100 pc. (1000 kg)

       100 pc. (300 kg)