HYDROZOL® HBM TAPE - bitumen sealing tape with aluminium film

Self-adhesive bitumen tape laminated with aluminium foil extremely resistant to atmospheric influences, UV rays and aging, with high adhesion strength to almost all construction bases.


 - extremely high adhesion strength to many construction basis and surfaces

 - excellent resistance to atmospheric influences

 - long-lasting

 - resistant to high and low temperature (from -10°C  to 80°C)

 - high elasticity and excellent flexibility

 - easy for use  




Scope of use

HYDROZOL® HBM TAPE - bitumen sealing tape with aluminium film is cold applied self-adhesive hydro insulation sealing tape on the basis of bitumen modified with elastomers. The sealing tape is laminated with colorful aluminium film which is strong and highly resistant to atmospheric influences. The film makes the tape long-lasting, protected from UV rays and aging. In addition, it provides the opportunity to choose between colours in accordance with the scope of use.

The sealing tape is meant for hydro insulation of expansion, structural and all other types of joints on various buildings. The product is used for sealing of ledges, chimneys, gutters, corners on walls, connections between walls and metal constructions, and others. When applied on the corners of the sanitary premises it prevents the appearance of moisture below the tiles. The sealing tape covers all types of holes and connections on the façade. It could serve as a secondary layer for prevention against moisture. The sealing tape is suitable for reparations of roofs and sealing of roofing windows, chimneys, bitumen membranes, streets, gutters, openings for antennas and many others.

HYDROZOL® HBM TAPE - bitumen sealing tape with aluminium film has extreme heat resistance and frost resistance (from -10°C to 80°C). The tape is very flexible and it adheres directly on all types of basis. Owing to its flexibility and extremely easy usage, the sealing tape could be used in all types of weather conditions. The adhesive property of the tape makes it perfect for insulation and protection of all types of surfaces – plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, glass, concrete, stone, masonry and others.
The lower side of the sealing tape is protected by release polyethylene film with high density which protects the adhesive properties while the tape is being stored.


Indicative consumption

Depending on the width of the joint and the surface of overlapping.



Roll with width 5 cm (10 m)
Roll with width 10 cm (10 m)
Roll with width 15 cm (10 m)
Roll with width 30 cm (10 m)