HYDROZOL® HYDRO ROOF hybrid roof sealing

UV-resistant, hybrid elastic finishing coat for waterproofing flat and sloping roofs, terraces, verandas and etc., as well as for repairing old bituminous and polyurethane waterproofing coatings



- forms seamless finishing coat that ensures complete water protection by tightly covering all capillary cracks

- remains unaffected by unfavorable weather conditions and UV-radiation and retains its elasticity from -30°C up to +80°C

- reflects the sunlight and significantly decreases the temperature of the roof’s surface

- slows down bituminous membranes’ aging and prevents bitumen spill when temperatures are high

Product description

For application on:

- bituminous membranes – both old and new

- existing or new polyurethane waterproofing coatings

- cement, lime-cement and calcium-sulfate bases

- ceramic tiles and natural stone, wood or metal surfaces


For application when:

- the aim is to design ditch-water resistant roofs

- waterproofing concrete roofs, cement slabs and stuccos

- protecting and renovating existing roof waterproofing coats

- waterproofing climate systems and air ducts

HYDROZOL® HYDRO ROOF is a hybrid synthetic resins-based, highly-elastic UV-resistant waterproofing paste. After drying it forms a smooth waterproofing film that tightly covers all capillary cracks and ensures seamless water and moisture protection. The product is not affected by extreme weather conditions and retains its elasticity in temperature range of -30 ºC up to +80 ºC.

The product is designed to protect mineral surfaces (concrete, cement, concrete constructions, wood, metal and etc.). The waterproofing film is resistant to moderate pedestrian traffic. It is recommended for effective waterproofing of roofs, balconies, terraces, verandas, sheds and other exterior areas. The product is suitable for protecting building constructions and air ducts from water penetration.

HYDROZOL® HYDRO ROOF is suitable for repair and protection of mineral bituminous membranes with slate and old polyurethane waterproofing coats. The product is able to significantly slow down their aging and prevent the spill of bitumen when temperatures are high. The waterproofing film reflects the sunlight and significantly reduces the temperature of the membrane.

The product’s viscosity is thixotropic which allows the applied waterproofing paste to thicken until it reaches optimal levels of elasticity and become a highly-water resistant membrane with extreme durability. All these characteristics allow the waterproofing film to be applied easily (with a trowel, brush or a roller) on various types of surfaces with different shape and geometry – from horizontal, to vertical and sloped ones. The extreme elasticity of the product allows it to ensure the effective fixation of cracks up to 2 mm that are present in the surface. That way, should any vibrations, shrinks or expansions in the surface arise, the waterproofing film will be able to absorb them.

The applied waterproofing coat dries quickly and is not sticky after that. It is highly resistant to dirt and is extremely light-reflecting. The waterproofing film prevents ditch-water from penetration.


Indicative consumption

layer with thickness of 1 mm (two layers applied with a brush)                         1.5 kg/m2



  capacity pallet
plastic bucket 20 kg 24 pc. (480 kg)
plastic bucket 12 kg 33 pc. (396 kg)
plastic bucket 4 kg 100 pc. (400 kg)
plastic bucket 1 kg 200 pc. (200 kg)