HYDROZOL® НВМ PRO (SBS-SV) - Hydro insulation membrane from SBS modified bitumen reinforced with fiberglass veil

Hydro insulation membrane from SBS-Premium modified bitumen reinforced with fiberglass veil with extreme elasticity, dimensional stability in wide operating temperature range: from -25°C to +100°C


- excellent elasticity in both low and high temperatures (-25°C to +100°C);

- shape and dimensional stability at high loads;

- SBS-Premium modification of the bitumen;

- durable hydro insulation finishing layer of flat and inclined roofs;

- excellent properties in a corrosive surrounding (acids, bases, salts, industrial gases and others);

- high resistance to UV rays and aging.





Scope of use

HYDROZOL® HBM PRO (SBS-SV) is a highly resistant hydro insulation membrane which consists of both sides layered bitumen on a nonwoven fiberglass veil reinforcement. The high elastomeric SBS-Premium bitumen modification provides excellent low-temperature flexibility. It also guarantees long-term durability (25 years) and resistance to aging at extreme operating temperature range (from -25°C to +100°C) without being influenced by frequent and abrupt change in ambient temperature.

The membrane is used as first hydro insulation layer in a multilayered hydro insulation (over bituminous membrane without slate) of flat and inclined roofs. It is suitable for subterranean and dynamically loaded hydro insulations (canals, tunnels, parking areas, bridges and others).

HYDROZOL® HBM PRO (SBS-SV) is reinforced by nonwoven fiberglass which improves the physical and mechanical properties of the membrane. The nonwoven fiberglass provides dimensional stability of the bitumen at low and high temperature, as well as it guarantees the maintenance of the initial form even when subjected to extremely high loads.

The membranes are both sides covered by polyethylene film which preserves the adhesive properties of the rolls during the storage. The application of the membrane (using torch) is extremely strong thus adhesives are not necessary.

HYDROZOL® HBM PRO (SBS-SV) is a component of the multilayer system of bituminous hydro insulation. It cannot be used as finishing layer. It should be protected by HYDROZOL® HBM PRO (SBS-SVP), hydro insulation membrane with SBS Premium bitumen and fiberglass reinforcement covered by slates.

If used properly, the product has minimum 25 years of service life.



Complies with the requirements of European and Bulgarian standards and measures up to:

European Standard
EN 13 707
EN 13 969


Indicative consumption

1,09 m² per 1 m² surface



Roll 10 m² with weight 3,5 kg/m² 
Roll 10 m² with weight 4,0 kg/m²
Roll 10 m² with weight 4,5 kg/m²
Roll 10 m² with weight 5,0 kg/m²