Elastic waterproofing sealing tape for improved cementability with common tile adhesives or sealants, for watertight sealing of connection, expansion, edge and other active joints.


 - 100% waterproof

 - very high elasticity

 - with excellent adhesion to cement solutions

 - an additional layer of knitted polyester








For sealing of:

- corner and expanding joints

- connecting and constructive joints

- other active joints


Use for:

- waterproofing wet premises

- waterproofing terraces, balconies and flat roofs

- waterproofing under floor screeds and ceramic tiles

HYDROZOL® SEALING TAPE 3L is a highly elastic three-layer waterproofing sealing tape made of woven polyester with thermoplastic elastomer coating. An additional layer of polyester wool over the polyester coating serves to improved surface adhesion to cement-based grouts. The tape has a factory-formed longitudinal groove in the middle ensuring easy and correct folding and fitting into corner joints. Keeps its elasticity at very low and very high temperatures (-30 °C up to + 90 °C). Resistant to aging, penetration and tearing.

The sealing tape is used for long lasting, elastic and watertight sealing of connection, expansion, edge and other active joints around pipes, siphons under ceramics and other coatings.  The product is applied onto walls, floors, balconies, terraces, roofs and others. It is suitable to be used in private and commercial premises with high water loads as well as outdoors. 

It is a component of the flexible waterproofing system HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION2.



European standard EN ISO 527-3



      package          quantity/unit      pallet
roller 50 m 100 pcs (5000 m) 

Indicative consumption

for 1 m length joint                                               1.0 m