HYDROZOL® WBC-OR, organic based bitumen waterproofing

Bitumen coating for cold-applied seamless hydro insulation of structural elements of buildings from subterranean waters and moisture, suitable for regeneration and protection of old bituminous membranes.


- for hydro insulating foundations and bases of buildings from subterranean water and moisture;

- for protection, maintenance and regeneration of old and slightly cracked bituminous membranes;

- has good qualities with temperatures between -30°С and +100°С;

- forms seamless water resistant coverage with high elasticity which does not shrink;

- resistant to weak acids, bases and aggressive substances;

- easily applied without preliminary heating.  




Scope of use

HYDROZOL® WBC-ORG, organic based bitumen waterproofing is used for cold-applied hydro insulation, protection and maintenance  of  the  parts  of  a  building  that  are  in  direct contact with the soil. When the coating dries up, it forms strong, seamless covering without joints whose qualities remain the same in temperatures between -30°С and +100°С. The coating could be used for protection of horizontal and vertical surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

The coating is suitable for protection, maintenance and regeneration of old, worn out, and slightly cracked roofing bituminous membranes, which are not to be or cannot be replaced. It is recommended for water resistant connection between corrugated bituminous panels and shingles as well.

HYDROZOL® WBC-ORG, organic based bitumen waterproofing forms high elasticity coverage on the surface that stops the water. The coverage does not shrink or crack. It is resistant to aging, weak acids, bases and all kinds of aggressive substances that could be found in the natural soils.

The product has good penetrating ability, excellent adhesion and strengthening characteristics. It adheres perfectly to dry bases and bases with a little bit of moisture, bituminous substances, bricks, concrete, screed and plasters, old bituminous coverings and paints. It is applied easily by brush – it is not necessary to heat the primer. It does not require alignment of the surface before application.


Indicative consumption

1,1 - 1,3 l/m² per 1mm layer of the covering



Metal bucket of 18 l