Interior water dispersion paints

Water dispersion paints for the interior, with well expressed exceptionally fine and uniform structure, with a silky color sensation. These are resistant to ageing, they do not get yellow and do not change their color.

The high quality painting is very important for the modern appearance of the interior. Each painting has its own specific requirements. With the dispersion paints TERAFLEX® you have the appropriate instrument at hand - no matter if you are looking for the highest quality of the painted surface or the economy is in the foreground, if the matter in hand is the healthy tolerance or the mechanical loading.

All paints have well expressed exceptionally fine and uniform structure with a silky sensation of the color. They are resistant to ageing, they do not get yellow, nor do they change their color. These are offered ready for use, preliminarily colored in a rich range.

The selection of colors in the interior is determined by its functional purpose, the space, the frequency of habitation, the age of the inhabitants. Each color has its psychological meaning. The toning system ENERGY IN COLORS makes possible the optional coloring of the paint in more than 1100 shades, providing complete freedom for creative color design of the interior.  




    Professional high coverage latex paint, resistant to wet friction and wearing out for long lasting coating and exceptionally uniform surface structure


    Professional interior latex paint with incredibly uniform surface structure with silky tough, for resistant to wearing and wet ageing painting


    Professional paint for humid premises resistant to humid friction, with high coverage for exceptional uniform painting with matt effect of velvet.                    


    High quality interior latex paint with high covering ability and very low indicative consumption for extremely even painting with velvet effect.


    Fast drying breathing interior paint with good covering ability and low consumption when applying, for economical painting of indoor walls and ceilings