Mineral (noble) plasters

Noble plasters made ​​from natural minerals and does not pollute the environment. They are non-flammable, diffusion open (high vapor permeable) and highly resistant to weathering.


Mineral (noble) plasters, for the time of their creation – over 100 years up to now, have proved that they are stable finishing coating. They have been constantly improved and they have been kept up-to-date with the quickly developing modern technologies for production of dry mixtures. The noble plasters are being produced from natural mineral raw materials so they do not pollute the environment. They are diffusion-open and they improve the quality of lifestyle in the buildings. They allow the evaporation of moisture through them. Meanwhile, they prevent the penetration of the moisture in the construction. 

The variety of structures and colours of the mineral plasters opens up an unlimited scope for the creativity of the architects and the investors. These plasters have long lifetime, high durability, resistance to UV-rays and stable colours. 



    Noble non-flammable structural mineral-based plaster, with high water vapour permeability and resistance to weather conditions, for application by hand or machine, indoors and outdoors.