NANOGRUND® deep penetrating primer with nanoparticles

Deeply penetrating primer with Nano particles, for optimal sealing and strengthening fine porous and sandy surfaces indoors and outdoors


- seals and strengthens surface in depth

- balances water absorption

- connects the surface dust

- without solvent, odor and emissions









For priming on:

- fine porous surfaces

- sandy surfaces

- carbonizing surfaces


For application when:

- sealing of lime-cement and lime-sand screeds

- laying ceramics on gypsum, gypsum board and gypsum fiber

- work in inhabitable premises and food storages

- indoors and outdoors use

NANOGRUND® is a concentrated primer with Nano particles and great depth penetration, which seals optimally all fine porous surfaces, such as all kinds of lime-cement and limesand screeds, cement-fibrous boards, gypsum boards, lime, bricks, concrete, aerated concrete, so as carbonizing and sandy, but strong bases. It is almost odorless and that makes it suitable for work within inhabitable premises and food storages. For indoor and outdoor use.

The fine Nano particles penetrate within the macro and micro pores of the surface, strengthen it and seal it in depth, balancing its water absorption. After drying it strengthens the primed surface and increases its water repulsion. It is specially recommended for priming gypsum board, gypsum fibreboard, and bases on which would be installed thermal insulation systems.

All highly absorbent surfaces (anhydrite screeds, aerated concrete, gypsum boards, gypsum plasters and others) should be primed with POROGRUND® – POROUS BASE PRIMER, at least 4-5 hours prior to mortar application or lining bonding. Wooden or smooth and fine polished surfaces with minimum water absorption (mosaic, old tiles, fiberglass and others) should be primed with TERACONTACT® – CONTACT BONDING PRIMER.



In accordance with EN 13300


Indicative consumption

75-250 gr/m2 - depending on the base



1 kg, 5 kg polyethylene buckets