Paste-like plaster

Ready to use colored paste-like plaster for thin film protective and decorative coatings with dragged or scratched surface.


Ready to use paste mortars open various opportunities for shaping facades in texture and color. Depending on the type and application requirements can be selected from a wide variety of product range. Thus, for any particular desire for design can be guaranteed appropriate and proper plaster.

The available range comprises, on the one hand - silicate plasters, which have prominent mineral character and excellent transmission capacity of water vapor. On the other hand, there are highly water-repellent and highly flexible silicone and silicone-modified coatings, which combine in themselves the positive aspects of silicate and dispersion coatings.

Siloxane coatings that are also very strong water repellant, are at the same time diffusion open. Silicone coatings also impress with their water-repellent properties for optimum transmission capacity of water vapor and also a very wide color range, in which they can be colored - even with highly saturated colors. Polymer dispersion coatings are coatings that have good waterproof capability.

The range of TERMOFLEX® - paste-like plaster facade systems is complemented by colored plaster mosaic stones that, due to their decorative structure, especially well fit the zone of wall-bases and stairs.




    Incombustible paste-like silicate nano plaster with self-cleaning properties and high resistance to mechanical loadings, aging and weather conditions


    Paste-like silicone plaster with high moisture resistance, extreme elasticity and very high water vapour permeability, for protective and decorative facade and wall coverings


    Paste-like silicate-silicone plaster, with great resistance to mechanical loads, aging and atmospheric influences, combining the advantages of the silicate and silicone plasters


    Paste-like silicone-modified polymeric plaster with low absorbing ability and resistance to damage, for protective and decorative facade and wall coverings


    Paste-like silicate-silicone plaster with antique structure, for accomplishing rustic appearance of surfaces outdoors and indoors, resistant to mechanical pressures, aging and environmental influences

  • TERMOFLEX® MOSAIC decorative paste-like mosaic plaster

    Decorative paste-like mosaic plaster with high strength and resistance to bad weather conditions, UV-rays and aging.