POROGRUND® primer for porous bases

Dispersible primer for porous bases, reduces and regulates water absorption of highly absorbent surfaces, indoors and outdoors


- reduces and balances water absorption to the base

- prevents premature drying of the solution (adhesive, mortar etc.)

- improves adhesion to the base

- dries quickly








For priming on:

- porous surfaces

- high absorbing surfaces

- dusty surfaces


For application when:

- preparation of the base for plastering, laying of screed, tiles bonding

- processing of aerated concrete, bricks, limestone, etc.

- bonding of ceramics on lime-cement and gypsum surfaces

- indoor and outdoor use

POROGRUND® is a dispersible primer for porous bases, which penetrates deeply, reduces and regulates water absorption of the surface. It is suitable for priming highly absorbent mineral surfaces and prepares them for mortar and screed application, concrete pouring, tile bonding and others. The primer strengthens the upper surface layer, bonds the surface dust and prevents soaking of water from the fresh applied mixture (mortar, adhesive and others) through the base, prevents its premature drying and in this way improves adhesion.

It is suitable for application on cement, lime-cement and gypsum surfaces, concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum board, gypsum fibreboard, bricks, lime and others. Because of its special content, POROGRUND® dries particularly fast, saving long waiting periods of time. It is almost odorless and that makes it suitable for work within inhabitable premises and food storages. For indoor and outdoor use.

All fine porous, crumbling or sandy, but strong bases, which should be strengthened deeply within, must be primed with NANOGRUND® – DEEPLY PENETRATING PRIMER WITH NANO PARTICLES at least 4- 5 hours prior to screed application or lining bonding. Wooden or flat and fine polished surfaces with minimum water absorption (mosaic, old tiles, fiberglass and others) should be primed with TERACONTACT® – CONTACT BONDING PRIMER.



In accordance with EN 13300


Indicative consumption

75-250 gr/m2 - depending on the base



1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg polyethylene buckets