Primers and priming paints

Pre-painted in the color of the laid plaster or paint, thus creating a colored background, which prevents color differences in the facade

A prerequisite for secure application and installation of exterior plasters and paints is a smooth base on which to be fastened. Priming is a compulsory stage of preparation. It has one main purpose - to impregnate and strengthen the foundation in depth and to prevent damage on it. Its other important function is to reduce and equalize the absorption of subsequently applied finishing layer - whether it's paint or plaster. The end result is to ensure strong links between the base and finish coat.

Primers for facades are pre-colored and used for preparation of the foundation before application of colored thin-layer coats (paste - silicate, silicon, polymer, mosaic or mineral) or before painting the walls. They retain the ability of the wall to "breathe", ensure its tightness and improve the grip to it of finish coat. Pre-coloring of plaster layer or paint creates a colored ground, which prevents color differences and dark spots in the facade during the structuring the plaster or paint application.




    Coloured steam permeable primer, which penetrates within the base and improves adhesion prior to plaster application and facade painting