Primers before exterior painting

Preliminary colored in the nuance of the laid paint, providing a color base which prevents the development of color differences on the painted surface.

A prerequisite for the secure laying of the facade paints is the faultless base. Priming is an obligatory stage in the process of preparation of the base. It has one main function – to impregnate and strengthen the base in depth and to prevent the eventual damages.  Another important function is the reduction and the leveling of the absorption of the paint laid over it. The final result is the development of secure bonds between the base and the finishing layer.

The facade primers are preliminarily colored in the color of the laid paint and provide a color base which prevents the occurrence of color differences and dark spots on the facade. They preserve the ability of the wall to „breathe“, ensure its water impermeability and improve the adhesion of the finishing cover to the base.



    Coloured steam permeable primer, which penetrates within the base and improves adhesion prior to plaster application and facade painting