Production control and quality management


The construction products are "semimanufactured products" which interact in a complex way inside of buildings and which show their technical characteristics only after installation and use in the building details and constructions. Therefore, as a rule, the assessment of construction products only makes sense in the context of a given fixation situation, taking into account the lifecycle and operational characteristics of the building.

In this aspect, the certificates of conformity of the factory production control and quality management system are not only a guarantee for proven reliability and safe behaviour of products and system solutions, but are also an important tool for all investors, architects and designers, concerning the certification of the buildings in which they are used.

Leading on the presumption that only high quality products and systems can meet the high and constantly growing requirements laid before the construction sites and buildings placed from investors, control authorities and the residents therein, all units in Marisan are subjected to continuous monitoring. For this purpose we have introduced a number of management systems and quality monitoring.

All production processes in the company are audited and accredited annually by independent expert organizations. The certificates issued by them confirm that the quality of our products meets all Bulgarian and European standards and that the measures we take are adequate and correct. These certifications guarantee the continuous and consistent quality of all our products.

Certificate of production control, issued on the basis of ETA 15/0730 (Certificate of conformity of the factory production control №1020-CPR-060042369)

MARISAN's thermal insulation systems are certified according to ETAG 004 international specification. The issued expert opinions are based on documentary assessment, physical examination and laboratory analysis in accredited European laboratories, regarding their:

- Physical properties;

- Secure behaviour in fire conditions;

- Healthy exploitation, harmlessness and eco-friendly;

- Guaranteed thermal and sound insulation properties;

Due to the issued expert assessment MARISAN's thermal insulation systems can carry the "CE" marking, which serves as a guarantee for their quality and the possibility to be offered on the European market when participating in projects and public procurements.

More information about the methods, parameters and requirements about the issuing of this assessment can be found here.


Certificate of conformity of the factory production control №2032-CPD-08.41

Dry building mixtures are intended for bricklaying and are offered on the market by MARISAN have a certificate of production control, guaranteeing the quality of the final product. The performed audit, permanent monitoring, assessment and approval of production control are indicators for strict supervision over the product quality.

The production control in MARISAN is certified under System 2+ where the notified body audits the working conditions, the quality control and compliance with the requirements of this standard.


ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems)

ISO 9001 certification is based on spatial assessment on products, services, operations, processes that occur in one organization and other similar parameters. The international certificate is a guarantee that the customer requirements will be satisfied and he will receive a product and service with high and consistent quality.




OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems)

The management system of healt and safety working conditions is a complex methodology of risk assessment in the workplace. It is the starting point for the development and implementation of policies for improving working conditions, professional health care of the workers, etc.




ISO 14001:2015

Remaining faithful to the principles of sustainable policy that we follow and the caring attitude towards nature, we have certified our environmental management systems according to the requirements of the ISO 14001: 2015 standard. This international standard provides us with clear frameworks for environmental protection when producing and distributing dry, liquid and pasty construction mixtures, as well as expanded polystyrene products. That way, we clearly indicate the importance of all production and distribution processes being in harmony with the socio-economic needs and environmental policies..