Alkali proof PVC angle profile with reinforcement mesh for arming and precise shaping of edges in arches of various radius in the thermal insulation system.


- reinforces and protects from damage the edges and the friezes

- appropriate for archs with different diameters

- it prevents the crack formation

- shapes precisely an arch with an ideal frieze

 - resistant to the impact of the alkali in the cement solutions

- doesn`t contain plastifiers

- the reinforcement mesh is strongly connected to the profile by super sound

- easy installation and safety during operation


Scope of use

Edge-protecting and reinforcing profile from PVC with integrated alkali resistant glass-fiber mesh. Protects the edges and the friezes on the arch of different diameter from mechanical damage and shapes them precisely. It shapes precisely an arc with an ideal frieze. 

The bilaterally welded fiberglass mesh is treated with an alkali-resistant impregnating material preventing slipping, which guarantees the easy and secure plastering in the reinforcing layer of the thermo-insulating system. It prevents the crack formation along the corners of the arches.

An element of the integrated system for heat insulation TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and TERAPOR®ULTRA. Suitable for both newly built and in existing buildings – in the process of their sanitation and improvement of the heat insulation.


Indicative consumption

1 m/m



Profile length 2500 mm       

Bundle: 25 pcs