HYDROZOL® REINFORCE GEO-PP Non-woven reinforcement textile

Non-woven reinforcement polypropylene textile for strengthening and reinforcement of liquid and plastered waterproofing, mortar coatings, etc., indoor and outdoor.


- prevents the formation of cracks in waterproofing coatings
- redistributes stresses in the waterproofing layer and improves its
- elasticity, strength and stability
- hydrophilic, very flexible and easy to mould
- resistant to piercing, tearing, UV rays and ageing




Scope of use

For application on:

- liquid and plastered waterproofing on bases with cracks and/or other active joints

- areas prone to cracking (corners, joints, edges, etc.)

- drainage and dewatering connection, wall/floor joints, etc.

For application when:

waterproofing of damp and wet rooms, terraces, balconies,

waterproofing of flat roofs applied under screed and ceramic coatings,

bridging of dynamic cracks and joints


HYDROZOL® REINFORCE GEO-PP is hydrophilic, exceptionally flexible and easy-to-mould non-woven fabric (fleece) of polypropylene fibres for integration and reinforcement of liquid and plastered indoor and outdoor waterproofing.

It is fully integrated into the applied coating and becomes an integral part of it.

Together they form a layer that combines the benefits of liquid waterproofing with those of membranes — elasticity, strength, stability and ability of safe bridging of dynamic cracks.

The reinforcement textile redistributes the stresses in the applied waterproofing coating and prevents its cracking in case of significant base and/or structure expansion, contraction/shrinkage, movement or vibration. Successfully prevents the transfer of existing old cracks in the base to waterproofing or mortar coatings applied on it.

Also available in a handy 10 cm wide roll for reinforced waterproofing of internal and external corners, joints and other areas prone to cracking, as well as for connection of drainage and de watering components, wall/floor connections, edges, ends, cracks, gutters and other complex details.

The reinforcing fleece has the ability to absorb the liquid waterproofing, which facilitates its incorporation into the waterproofing layer. The technology for thermal extrusion of polypropylene filaments and their subsequent felting allows production of dense and homogeneous product with excellent mechanical properties of the fabric. It has no adverse effect on human health and the environment and can be used as a geotextile fabric. Resistant to piercing, tearing, UV rays and ageing.

These properties make it a particularly suitable product for strengthening and reinforcement of waterproofing coatings in cracked areas or prone to cracking roofs, terraces, balconies, damp areas, etc.  Especially suitable for use in combination with hybrid roof waterproofing HYDROZOL® HYDRO ROOF as well as wet rooms waterproofing HYDROZOL® FLEX GUM 1K applied under ceramic coatings. It is also a component of the HYDRO and SPLIT PROTECTION2 elastic waterproofing system.


Indicative consumption

for a stretch of 1 m length                1.0 m


                                                    capacity                         pallet

roll 10 cm                                       50 m                               -

roll 100 cm                                 50 m/50 m2