Elastic and resitant to motion and mechanical loading sealants with very good adhesion to most construction materials (bricks, concrete, ceramic tiles, glass, wood, steel, PVC and others). They ensure hermetic sealing.


A basic problem that exists in every existing and newly errected buildings is the presence of many joints and openings, which should be isolated and sealed one way or another. Nowadays much more that in the past, in construction are used more and more various materials – bricks, conctere, ceramic tiles, glass, variety of wood boards, steel, PVC and other types of plastics and many others. All of them have different degree of shrinkage and expansion, which is a result from the mechanical efforts applied in the construction and whose properties are too signifficant under the influence of atmospheric influences – heat, cold, rain, UV-rays and others.

The sealants are designed mainlt to resist those motions and ensure hermetic sealing. They should meet two basic requirements: to have good adhesion to the material they are applied on, in order to for the medium against which the sealing is executed not to be able to penetrate between the construction element and the sealing material.



    Universal hydro insulating adhesive-sealant for quick repairs of leakages crack filling and sealing in all weather conditions.

  • TERAFLEX® ACRYLIC, acrilic sealant

    universal acrylic sealing mass for filling cracks and sealing of non-loaded and poorly moving joints between porous construction materials


    One component bitumen sealing mass for bonding and sealing coverings, resistant to aging, UV-rays and environmental influences.

  • TERAFLEX® PU 40 FC- polyurethane sealant

    One-component polyurethane sealing and bonding mass for highly elastic and leveling pressure sealing of pressure-loaded joints and bonding in construction and machinery construction.

  • TERAFLEX ® PU 50 FC-polyurethane adhesive-sealant

    One-component polyurethane adhesive-sealant for extremely strong and highly elastic bonding in construction and machinery construction.