waterproofing tape for elastic waterproof sealing of joining, expansion, angular and other active joints


 - 100% waterproof

 - high elasticity and flexibility

 - resistant to drilling, ageing and tearing

 - high temperature resistance up to + 60 °C







For sealing of:

- corner and expanding joints

- connecting and constructive joints

- other active joints


Use for:

- waterproofing wet premises

- waterproofing terraces, balconies and flat roofs

- waterproofing under floor screeds and ceramic tiles

HYDROZOL® SEALING TAPE is elastic waterproofing sealing tape made of woven polyester with a thermoplastic elastomer coating. Waterproofing tape for elastic and waterproof sealing under ceramic lining of joining, expansion, angular and other active joints.

Resistant to perforation, tearing and aging. Maintains its elasticity at temperatures up to +60°C. For application on walls, floors, balconies, terraces, roofs and the like, both indoors and outdoors.

Component of the flexible waterproofing system HYdro and SPLIT PROTECTION2.



Total width: 120 mm

Total thickness: 0,6 mm

Width of hydro-insulating area: 70 mm

Relative weight: 31,4 g/m


Indicative consumption:

for 1 m  length joint

1.0 m



roller, quantity/unit: 50 m, pallet: 100pcs (5000 m)

roller, quantity/unit: 10 m, pallet: 500pcs (5000 m)