Stability of products

Our understanding of sustainability is the complex correlation between economic, environmental and social criteria that would satisfy the current and the future generations. Our products should simultaneously contribute to the performance as well as satisfying the requirements for comfort, quality and functionality. We understand sustainability not as an end state but as a process of continuous improvement.

By selling our products, especially thermal insulation and facade systems we actively support the development and distribution of environmentally friendly technologies. Only with the help of intelligent and high quality building materials it is possible to build sustainable, to build passive or energy-neutral houses, to increase the life of buildings and structures.

Added value with MARISAN`s product

Our products contribute to a number of important topics related to sustainability - climate change; energy and resource efficiency; protecting and increasing buildings durability; health and comfort of living. They are produced energy and resource efficient as well as all materials incorporated therein carry out important and relevant functions such as their impact on environment is optimized.

The use of renewable natural resources is our priority wherever it is ecologically, economically and socially acceptable and beneficial. We appreciate the potential of recycling and reuse of our producs as well as we are striving to increase it as far as it is technically and economically feasible and relevant.

All products with MARISAN`s brand are coming from organizations that are responsibile for the environment and their employees, for its` partners and society as a whole.

Energy-efficient products that protect against weather conditions

The main part of MARISAN's activity is production of termal insulation systems that through their built-in effective thermal insulation contribute for significant energy savings as well as reduce millions of tons of СО2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere. Thus, insulating systems are not only important economic basis for us but at the same time contribute significantly to environmental protection and climate.

Besides its contribution to climate protection, facade systems and coverings protect people and buildings from extreme weather conditions that, due to the climate change happen more often. MARISAN systems are designed to withstand rain, storms and hail, as the bestsellers TERMOFLEX® CLASIC TERAPOR® ULTRA are being subject of numerous simulations and tests in real conditions without any remarks.

Quality also plays a cruitial role in sustainability – high quality products guarantee long-lastig buildings and their protection from damage, thereby reducing the cost of resources and energy. At the same time it increases our customer`s satisfaction.


Healthy life with environmentally friendly products

In addition to facade systems and coverings, the assortiment of products we offer covers interior application products, systems for applying on variety of coverings, waterproofing, flooring and many others. Our portfolio includes a wide range of harmless for humans and nature paints, coats and primers for internal and external use. In this way we can meet the increased need for quality and healthy lifestyle, fulfilling their highest demands on quality, health, environment, functionality and aesthetics.

In the field of waterproofing systems MARISAN offers products that can be used in building envelope of concrete structures, roads, water treatment plants and industrial surfaces, thus preventing moisture penetration. In this aspect, sustainable and resource efficient is not only their protection but also protection of groundwater and soils that through the use of our products can be effectively protected from leaking and absorbtion of hazardous substances.