TERAFLEX® ACRYLIC, acrilic sealant

universal acrylic sealing mass for filling cracks and sealing of non-loaded and poorly moving joints between porous construction materials



- excellently adheres to porous materials

- resistant to moisture after hardening

- does not contain solvents

- the material can be painted on







Compaction on:

- concrete, brick, plaster, masonry

- natural and artificial stone

- gypsum boards, wood and other porous materials


For application when:

- non-loaded and poorly moving joints

- small cracks in walls and ceilings

- sealing in wet premises

- indoor conditions

TERAFLEX® ACRYLIC is a universal acrylic sealing mass based on acrylic dispersion, designed for filling and sealing all poorly moving joints between porous construction materials (concrete, brick, plaster, natural and artificial stone, gypsum boards, masonry, wood, etc.).

It is recommended for filling cracks and joints of windowsills, window frames and doorframes, mortars and concrete elements and others. It is suitable for filling small cracks in walls and ceilings. It is compatible with all standard paint and polish systems and can be painted after hardening. After hardening the material is water resistant and can be used for sealing wet premises, but only on surfaces that are dry during application.

TERAFLEX® ACRYLIC forms a permanent, dense and elastic mass with great adhesion to various porous materials and surfaces. It keeps all its qualities, and especially the elasticity of its connection, during the whole period of use.

It hardens without shrinking and forms a perfectly smooth surface. Compatible with all standard painting and varnishing systems and after hardening, it can be easily painted. Not recommended for glazed materials. It is suitable for indoor use.



Class F-INT according EN 15651-1






packaging: Cartridge

quantity/unit: 280 ml

pallet: 70 cartons (х 25 pcs)