Modified gypsum based adhesive with increased strength and extended open time, for bonding gypsum plasterboard, gypsum fiberboard and others


- high adhesion strength with vertical bases

- user-friendly paste-like substance with good workability

- increased adhesive strength and elasticity

- high initial strength during hardening

- extended open time

- economic and balanced consumption rate



Scope of use

TERAFLEX® ADHESIVE FOR GYPSUM BOARD is modified gypsum based mixture for indoor use. It has long open time and high adhesion with various bases (masonry of lightweight concrete, rough coating, brickwork, gypsum board, gypsum fiberboard as well as concrete, after suitable base preparation).

Gypsum processing as well as special additives and modifiers in the product provide the necessary strength and elasticity for bonding gypsum board with the base. The extra panels loading during installation on vertical bases are also taken into account.

The extended open time ensures full use of the prepared mixture and leads to economic and balanced consumption rate.

TERAFLEX® ADHESIVE FOR GYPSUM BOARD is recommended for bonding gypsum board, gypsum fiberboards and other insulation panels (foam boards). Suitable for bonding gypsum blocks to gypsum base. It can be used for bricklaying and construction of interior walls, filling cracks as well as repairing and finishing works in dry places.



according to BDS EN 13279-1

Reaction to fire А1 according to BDS EN 13501-1


Indicative consumption

about 2,5 – 5,0 kg/m2
Application rate is average and highly depends on the type and the structure of the base!



25 kg paper bags