Modified gypsum based adhesive with increased strength and extended open time, for bonding gypsum plasterboard, gypsum fiberboard and others


- high adhesion strength with vertical bases

- user-friendly paste-like substance with good workability

- increased adhesive strength and elasticity

- high initial strength during hardening

- extended open time

- economic and balanced consumption rate



Scope of use

TERAFLEX® ADHESIVE FOR GYPSUM BOARD is modified gypsum based mixture for indoor use. It has long open time and high adhesion with various bases (masonry of lightweight concrete, rough coating, brickwork, gypsum board, gypsum fiberboard as well as concrete, after suitable base preparation).

Gypsum processing as well as special additives and modifiers in the product provide the necessary strength and elasticity for bonding gypsum board with the base. The extra panels loading during installation on vertical bases are also taken into account.

The extended open time ensures full use of the prepared mixture and leads to economic and balanced consumption rate.

TERAFLEX® ADHESIVE FOR GYPSUM BOARD is recommended for bonding gypsum board, gypsum fiberboards and other insulation panels (foam boards). Suitable for bonding gypsum blocks to gypsum base. It can be used for bricklaying and construction of interior walls, filling cracks as well as repairing and finishing works in dry places.



according to BDS EN 13279-1

Reaction to fire А1 according to BDS EN 13501-1


Indicative consumption

about 2,5 – 5,0 kg/m2
Application rate is average and highly depends on the type and the structure of the base!



25 kg paper bags



Base Preparation

TERAFLEX® ADHESIVE FOR GYPSUM BOARD adheres to various bases that are firm and do not contain separating substances (grease, bitumen, dust). The base should be clean, dry and stable. Remove preliminary all unstable parts and layers with low mechanical resistance. The hard base of oil paint should be well processed with sandpaper and the dust must be removed afterwards.

Clearcole and lime-based paint must be removed completely. When applying at temperatures above 27°C, the surfaces must be wetted in advance.

Do not apply at air temperatures below 5°C and above 30°C!


Mixture preparation

In pure stainless vessel pour clean water, free from impurities and gradually add TERAFLEX®JOINT ADHESIVE FOR GYPSUM BOARD to it in a ratio of 1 kg. of dry mixture and 450-500 g. of water.

Do not add an additional amount of dry mixture to the already stirred solution because it leads to the formation of lumps!

Do not mix with gypsum, cement, sand and other materials!

Stir the mixture with a low rev electric mixer (400-800 rpm) until obtaining a homogeneous mixture without lumps. If necessary add water or dry mixture to achieve the required density. Allow it to homogenize for about 3-5 minutes until complete dissolution of all components and then stir again.

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Page: 3 от 4 Product: TERAFLEX® ADHESIVE FOR GYPSUM BOARD Revised: 24.02.2015 Printed: 19.11.2020 The consistency of the solution has to be prepared in accordance with the site conditions and the application technology. It must be the same for the entire worksite!

The resulting solution is ready for application and retains its properties for about 30-40 minutes at 20-25°C


Once the boards are cut, apply to the solution at the back side on a ball-shaped form. Distance between balls must from 30 to 40 cm. It is not necessary to apply the adhesive along the whole board area. The product must be applied at least 5 cm away from the edge of the board.

After applying the product, board should be immediately leveled with a level. Small unevenness can be removed by lightly or strongly pressing the board to the wall. The minimum adhesive layer thickness after pressing and leveling must be 5 mm.

The board installation is done bottom-up. The first panel should not be aligned with the floor, must be left some distance with it. By using wooden wedges, this distance can be adjusted. This prevents the noise caused by steps to transmit from floor to walls.

To avoid cross joints, the boards of next (upper) row must not be aligned with bottom board. After the installation of each new plate, check the surface flatness with level.

After completing installation, provide sufficient time for drying (at least 24 hours).

A mixture that has already hardened can not be re-mixed with water and has to be discarded.

After complete drying and hardening of the adhesive, joints between plasterboard should be filled and thoroughly plastered and sanded. The joint between ceiling and panels must be filled with acrylic or polyurethane sealant. The wall is ready and can be painted or wallpapered!


Apply only in dry weather at temperature of the base and environment from +5ºC up to +30ºC and air humidity below 65%.

The freshly applied mortar must be kept from freezing and direct sunlight!

Do not use tools with rust, dirt or traces of other substances (paint, hardened plaster, solvents and others)!

Dirty tools and containers reduce the working time with the material!

Application of paint or other materials on the surface can be made only after complete hardening and drying of the adhesive!

A mixture that has already hardened cannot be re-mixed with water and has to be discarded!