One component bitumen sealing mass for bonding and sealing coverings, resistant to aging, UV-rays and environmental influences.


- excellent adhesion to various materials

- maintains elasticity after hardening

- protects against rust and moiture

- does not drip, does not run down

- seals wet surfaces

- resistant to UV-rays and aging processes

- resistant to moisture and environmental influences

- does not contain asbestos





Scope of use

TERAFLEX® BITUMEN is a one-component bituminous sealant with excellent adhesion to bituminous surfaces, wood, isolation boards, metal, plastic materials, concrete and others, including wet bases and at low temperatures. It is to be used for quick renovation work and sealing without heating of joints, holes and cracks on roofs, drainage systems, chimneys and also when repairing roof constructions, drainage pipes and gutters.

It is recommended for sealing joints between drainage systems and covering elements, and also between connecting joints in construction. It can be used for urgent repairs even while raining for sealing in basements and underground.

The hardened sealant is resistant to UV-rays, snow, constant moisture, ablution, surface pressures and others. Due to its plastic-elastic characteristics, the material stands expansion as a result of varying atmospheric conditions (rain, snow, extreme temperatures). That makes it suitable for use and sealing of joints between hydro-insulation membranes and vertical concrete walls, for repairing gaps in bituminous isolations, for sealing bituminous shingles roofs and sealing around the base of chimneys.

It maintains its elasticity during the entire period of use. It is not suitable for bonding and sealing polyurethane and Styrofoam.


Indicative consumption

The indicative consumption depends on the depth of the joints.



Cartridge 300 ml