Fast-setting multifunctional construction gypsum for instant fixation of details and filling up roughnesses, hollows and holes after finishing and electric works


- fast-setting natural gypsum

- perfect whiteness and smoothness 

- high resistance to cracking 

- excellent filling properties 

- high adhesion with the base 

- ease of use and good workability



Scope of use

TERAFLEX® CONSTRUCTION GYPSUM is a fast-setting gypsum based product, widely used for direct application on interior walls and ceilings of concrete, lightweight concrete, gypsum board, plaster, rough coating, brickwork, gypsum fiberboard, felt and others.

The fine structure of gypsum provides quick and high quality leveling of the base as well as filling up roughnesses and holes immediately after application. The properties of the product provide an excellent adhesion to many different surfaces such as concrete, lime-cement plasters, existing old plaster and others.

The product is distinguishable for its quick release of moisture, perfect whiteness and strength of the final coat and ensures acquiring perfectly smooth surfaces, quickly and easily without unnecessary consumption rate.

TERAFLEX® CONSTRUCTION GYPSUM is intended  for indoor use in dry places, for filling up roughnesses, holes and joints. It is particularly suitable for repairs of electrical installations and provides instant fixation of multiple elements in electrical installation works and repairs, as well as for corner bead profiles.

It is used for finishing works in construction, for repairs in pre-painting preparation, mortaring onto rough plasters or other substrates with normal loading capacity.



A according to BDS EN 13279-1

Reaction to fire А1 according to BDS EN 13501


Indicative consumption

about 0,9 kg/m2 for 1 mm layer
Application rate is average and highly depends on the type and the structure of the base!



25 kg, 15 kg and 5 kg paper bags