Dry construction additive against freezing of concrete and dry construction cement-based mixtures, which allows working at low temperatures up to -4° C


- low temperature resistant

- easy to dose

- maintains positive temperature of the solution during the time of drying






Scope of use

TERAFLEX® DRY ANTIFREEZE ADDITIVE is designed for use when working at mild winter conditions (expected temperature reductions, mild freezing during the day, expected cold periods) at temperatures not lower than -4° C and not higher than + 10° C. It may be added to all dry construction cement-based mixes. It is recommended when plastering or bonding thermo-insulating materials and applying different types of ceramic and stone linings.

The additive lowers the freezing temperature of the liquid phase of the solution and the water it has been mixed with, maintaining positive temperature of the solution during the process of drying, and at the same time speeds up its hydration and strengthening.

TERAFLEX® DRY ANTIFREEZE ADDITIVE is compatible with all cement-based products from MARISAN’s TERAFLEX® and TERMOFLEX® trademarks.




In compliance with BDS EN 14647


Indicative consumption:

one bag of additive (1,25 kg) should be added to 25 kg dry mixture



1,25 kg paper bags