Lightweight thermo-insulation undercoat plaster with EPS thermo-fibers for single layer application with thickness up to 5 cm for indoor and outdoor use


- imptoved thermal conduction coefficient

- possible manual application

- excellent adhesion to the base

- good water vapour permeability

- easily overcomes irregularities without sliding

- hydro and frost resistant



Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® FINISH PRO is a thermo-insulation, limecement plaster with improved thermal conduction coefficient, and which contains EPS thermo fibers. It is suitable for both automatic by a machine and manual single layer application with up to 5 cm thickness and fast and easily overcomes great irregularities of the surface without sliding down which significantly decreases the labor cost and the period for execution.

The plaster is suitable for complete outdoor and indoor rough (undercoat) plastering of premises and walls and is used as a strong base for application of different types of finishing coats. It distinguishes with very good adhesion to most construction materials and bases – bricks, cement blocks, lime-cement blocks, rough concrete and others.

TERMOFLEX® FINISH PRO is very suitable for restoration, renovation and rendering of old buildings – monuments of culture and along with the decorative tasks fixed the building is being thermo-insulated. It provides jointless covering with very good resistance to mechanical and atmospheric influences. The plaster might be used also for renovation of old buildings and walls with damaged plaster coverings. It can be applied both automatically by a machine and manually. Do not use on facade base areas.



CSI-W1 according to BDS EN 998-1

Reaction to fire А1 according to BDS EN 13501


Indicative consumption

about 12-14 kg/m² per layer with 10 mm thickness depending on the condition of the base the indicative consumption may vary




25 kg paper bags