TERAFLEX® FIX-1 – construction montage adhesive

Professional mounting adhesive without solvents, with extreme bonding power, for quick mounting without instruments of wood, ceramics, glass, PVC and others 


- easy mounting and exploitation

- without solvents and odors

- excellent adhesion and strong bonding

- no need for mechanical reinforcement

- quick drying

- allows to be painted on after drying

- allows work at temperatures to +5 ° C





Scope of use

TERAFLEX® FIX-1 is a montage adhesive without solvents and odor, based on acrylic dispersion. It has very good adhesion, bonding extremely strong to wood, concrete, ceramics, stone, mortars, glass, PVC, polystyrene and others. It is suitable for bonding various porous and non-porous materials to them, without the need for instruments and additional mechanical reinforcement, substituting the use of nails, screws and dowels during the time of installation.  It adheres equally well both to dry and moist surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

It is suitable for bonding wooden boards, wall lining panels, wooden paneling, plywood, chipboards, gypsum boards and others. It is recommended for adhering windowsills, window frames, wooden frames, door frames, wooden curtain rods, wooden and PVC moldings, also for mounting gypsum mouldings and ornaments on walls and ceilings.

The adhesive is allows work at temperatures to +5 C and after drying is resistant to moisture. It hardens fast and in this way facilitates the express finishing of the work process. It can be painted on after drying. The powerful adhesive strength determines its low indicative consumption and guarantees economy of the invested funds.


Indicative consumption

About 300 g/m² for flat surfaces



cartridge 300 ml.