Fast drying breathing interior paint with good covering ability and low consumption when applying, for economical painting of indoor walls and ceilings


- for mat surfaces

- smooth and even application with low indicative consumption

- micro porous “breathing” finishing coat

- ecologically safe, without emissions

- high color durability

- without solvents and softeners 


Scope of use

TERAFLEX® FRESCO is a fast drying interior paint based on styrene acrylic dispersion. It has excellent adhesion to the base and high color durability. It is applicable on all types of mineral bases, such as cement, lime mortar, gypsum mortars and plasters, gypsum boards, fiberboards and others. It is suitable for application on strong old water dispersion paint coverings of walls and ceilings.

The covering made with it distinguishes with fine micro porous structure and mat touch, which does not seal the surface but, ensures unimpeded “breathing” of the walls and ceilings.

TERAFLEX® FRESCO is age resistant, does not turn yellow and does not change color. It is applies smoothly and evenly without dripping or straining. It distinguishes with good covering ability and low indicative consumption.

TERAFLEX® FRESCO is offered ready-to-use, colored in advance in a wide range of colors.




In compliance with BDS EN 13300


Indicative consumption

135 - 165 ml/m² for a single layer application with preliminary priming and depending on the smoothness and absorbent ability of the base.



PE 1 l bucket.
PE 2,5 l bucket.
PE 9 l bucket.
PE 15 l bucket.