High temperature one-component acetate-based silicone for sealing joints subject to low (up to -40 C) and high temperatures (up to +300 C).


- does not streak

- excellent adhesion to various materials

- does not have a corosive action to metals

- resistant to chemical agent and hot water

- resistant to UV-rays and aging processes

- resistant to environmental influences

- maintains permanent elasticity up to 250 C, and for a short period of time – up to 300 C



Scope of use

TERAFLEX® GASCET is an acetate single-purpose silicone, which is resistant to high temperature and maintains its elasticity at constant temperature of up to 250 C and for a short period of time up to 300 C as well. The product is elastic at low temperatures up to -40 C. It is meant for sealing and bonding elements that are subject to high or low temperatures (heaters, central heating, air-conditioners, stove plates, and also automotive parts such as exhaust tubes, gear boxes etc.). It forms a permanent, dense and elastic mass with excellent adhesion to various materials and surfaces (glass, ceramics, aluminum materials, clean metal surfaces, most types of wood, silicone raisin, vulcanized silicone rubber, ceramics, natural and synthetic threads, and also various painted and plastic bases).

It is suitable  for permanent and effective sealing of temperature subjected joints (inbetween metal parts, in pumps and engines, in heating and ventilation systems, kitchen equipment etc.) in various industry application. It is extremely resistant to polution, aging processes and to the influence of chemical agents. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, resistant to UV-rays, snow, and other environmental influences ( rain, snow, extreme temperatures).

The silicone is permanently elastic and maintains its elasticity during the whole period of usage. I hardens without shrinking and forma a perfectly smooth surface. It caccot be used for jints, that have permanent contact with fuel.


Indicative consumption

Depends on the width and depth of the joints.



tube 60 ml



red; black