Construction mortar for thin layer masonry of lightweight blocks (aerated concrete) or lime blocks for external and dividing walls


- very strong bonding

- hydro and frost resistant

- long open time

- easy to work with





Scope of use

TERAFLEX® GASOLIT is a high quality modified construction mortar designed for non-armored masonry and building up external and dividing walls from smooth blocks and aerated concrete or limestone slabs with thin joints (from 1 to 3 mm).

For indoor and outdoor use. The mortar is suitable for indoor filling up of masonry joints, for surface leveling or plastering smooth limestone blocks and slabs.



M10 according to BDS EN 998-2

Reaction to fire А1 according to BDS EN 13501


Indicative consumption

Depending on the layer thickness of the masonry mortar and the type and size of the blocks, the indicative consumption may vary.

Masonry type                               consumption

With frontal joint                           15 kg/m3

Without frontal joint                      11 kg/m3



Paper bags 25 kg