TERAFLEX® GOLD SELECTION elastic joint sealing grout with sparkling effect

elastic hydrophobic grout with sparking (brocade) effect highly wear-resistant and protection against mould and mildew, for joints with 1 to 15 mm width




- highly elastic, no cracking

- contains silver ions with an antibacterial effect

- resistant to cleaning agents

- strong and long-lasting colors with brocade effect


For grouting of:

- faience, terracotta, granite tiles, glass ceramic

- mosaics, natural stone, marble, limestone

- clinker, concrete blocks, glass tiles and etc.


For application when:

- permanently wet premises

- tiling, subject to deformation

 -tiling over floor heating

- interior spaces

TERAFLEX® GOLD SELECTION is designed for color filling of joints with 1 to 15 mm width. It contains fine brocade polymer which (depending on the intensity and the angle of light) causes glittering in the figures, gives a unique decorative look and emphasizes the beauty of the tiles.

The hydrophobic molecules formula of TERAFLEX® GOLD SELECTION guarantees water repellent properties of the product and minimizes the absorption of moisture in the joints between the tiles. The integrated MYCO PROTECT system for mold, mildew and fungus protection of joints helps to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the surface and the healthy climate in the room. Contains silver ions with powerful antibacterial action.

Exceptional color stability and durability, result of the inorganic pigments included in the grout composition. Aluminum cement also protects the joints from bleaching and desiccation (efflorescence), increasing its resistance to scratching, contamination, UV rays, lubrication and frequent cleaning with detergents.

TERAFLEX® GOLD SELECTION is recommended for indoor use in wet, damp and dry premises - spa centers, bathrooms, shower cabins, kitchens, corridors, staircases, etc. It allows grouting of tiles subjected to strong deformation forces – on floor and wall heating systems, gypsum fiberboards, wooden boards, etc.

Suitable for jointing of new or renovated/refreshed old flooring and faience tiles, terracotta, granitogres (fine stoneware tiles), glass ceramics, clinker tiles, concrete slabs, etc. (including natural stone and marble after test of whether their color changes). Perfectly combined with glass ceramic tiles and mosaics, glass bricks and metalized tiles.



Class CG 2WA according to BDS EN 13888



  capacity        pallet
polyethylene bucket               2 kg          150 pcs (300 kg)


Indicative consumption

tiles    2 mm joint     5 mm joint   8 mm joint   10 mm joint   15 mm joint
10x20 cm (8 mm) 0,40 kg/m2 0,99 kg/m2 1,58 kg/m2 1,98 kg/m2 2,97 kg/m2
20х20 cm (8 mm) 0,26 kg/m2 0,66 kg/m2 1,06 kg/m2 1,32 kg/m2 1,98 kg/m2
40х40 cm (8 mm) 0,13 kg/m2 0,33 kg/m2 0,53 kg/m2 0,66 kg/m2 0,99 kg/m2
50х50 cm (8 mm) 0,11 kg/m2 0,26 kg/m2 0,42 kg/m2 0,53 kg/m2 0,79 kg/m2

Instructions for use

- for joints with a width: 1- 15 mm

- color: 7 colors, by catalogue

- mixing with water: 0.22 – 0.24 l (for 1 kg)